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Local UPS drivers celebrate over 40 years on the job

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - It's been a memorable day for two local UPS drivers.  

Charles Millican Jr. has been with UPS since 1969 and is one of the first ever UPS drivers.  

He's also credited with helping his relative and close friend, Ronnie Tims, get a job with the company.  

For the past four decades, the two have compiled a perfect driving record with nearly 10,000,000 miles of accident-free driving.  

Now after 45 years, Charles and Ronnie are preparing to hang up their brown uniforms for good.  

"I appreciate UPS training me to be a safe driver, I don't think I would have been without it," said Charles Millican, UPS driver.

"I feel blessed to be that safe, and I thank the company for training us to be that safe, so Halleljuah! I'm going to stick with that," said Ronald Tims, UPS driver.

With their safe driving record, Charles and Ronnie rank number 1 and number 2 among UPS drivers in Tennessee, and in the top 15 worldwide.
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