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Vandals trash Heritage Park, steal Boy Scout's American flag

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Some park vandals in Chattanooga are still on the loose. Police need help tracking down who trashed Heritage Park in East Brainerd.

Not only did the vandals make a big mess in the park, they even went as far as taking a Boy Scout's American flag.

Heritage Park is a popular place for families and kids, but employees still don't know who came in and trashed it.

Vandals tore down a rock wall, knocked over garbage cans, broke a gate and threw a large rock through the window of the Heritage House.

"It does surprise me, especially because they take such good care of this place," said Charity Langley, who was at the park with her kids on Tuesday.

"It took several hours of dedicated employees to get it cleaned up," said City Administrator Justin Holland, adding that the vandals even took the park's American flag.

"Part of the vandalism was removing the flag that was donated," he said. A local Eagle Scout donated the flag after building the flag pole as part of his service project.

Although there are security cameras in other city parks, there aren't any at Heritage Park.

"Historically, we haven't really had any need for a surveillance camera," Holland said.

Someone still needs to fix the gate to the dog park, but everything else has been cleaned up.

"For somebody to come in anytime and ruin something or destroy something that other people are trying
to enjoy is really disappointing," said Holland.

"It's a beautiful place and hate that someone did that," said Langley. "Just gotta wonder, you know, what their parents taught them, I guess."

The city asks anyone with information about the vandalism to call Chattanooga Police or the Public Works Department.
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