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Officer beats suspect

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 Greenville County deputies arresting a man in what appears to be a forceful fashion.

"He's defenseless! He's defenseless! He's defenseless, sir.  Please stop punching him!"

The woman who shot the video who's shouting at the deputies spoke exclusively to us.

"I cried. I actually cried."

Too afraid to give her name.

"It was on the side of the face. It was so many times, right here on the side of his head and then I saw him punch him in his back. I was like, 'please stop punching him, because it's too many punches.'" 

"People may not agree with what they saw."

But Johnathan Smith of the Greenville County Sheriff's, in a rare Sunday news conference said you have to take the whole story into account.

Johnathan Smith, Greenville County Sheriff Department, "Everything that led up to this incident was no just us showing up and him resisting arrest. there's more to that."

Like Walmart security footage showing the suspect helping himself to a cash register and causing a commotion at the Walmart salon to the point where they had to lower the security gate.

Outside in the parking lot, with a deputy on the scene, Smith said he tried to grab the deputy's knife several times and even tried to escape in the back of a passing truck.

By the time the suspect ran back inside Smith said he had been shocked with a stun gun three times and still managed to put up a fight.

"There was concern for everybody's safety there."

Smith would not address the continual punching to the man's head saying that's part of their internal investigation. 

He said the suspect, 32-year-old Sandon Matthew Sierad was mostly likely under the influence of alcohol or "some other substance."

"That does not give somebody a right to abuse someone."

To this woman, the arrest of Sierad went too far, but deputies say that will be determined by their internal investigation. 

The deputy seen punching the suspect in the video is on administrative leave.

Sierad, meanwhile, is in jail facing multiple charges. 
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