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The worst baby names of the year: Ransom, Craven and more unfortunate choices

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Way down at the very bottom of the official U.S. Popular Names List are those baby names given to only five children each year. (The Social Security Administration doesn't publicize those names given to fewer babies because of privacy concerns.)

Most of these rare names are spelling variations of popular names (Izebella and Jacub), inventions like Jayly, or international names largely unknown in the U.S.

And then there are the outliers, both wonderful and truly terrible. The beautiful names with deep history that for whatever reason are flying way under the radar, and the unusual names that seemed to someone (or five someones) like a good idea at the time… but really, really aren't.

Our Nameberry nominations for the worst:


1. Trejure
2. Ransom
3. Gunner
4. Icy
5. Kouture


1. Albino
2. Craven
3. Furious
4. Angeljesus
5. Anass (Eds. note: This is actually a variant of a common Arabic name, Anas. Now I'm crying a little inside for all the immigrant parents who name their child something that means "friendliness" and can't understand why everyone is laughing.)

It's not all bad news, though. Here are our favorite rare names listed by the Social Security Administration:


1. Clementina
2. Eulalie
3. Frederica
4. Letitia
5. Thisbe


1. Baird
2. Chaplin
3. Inigo
4. Thoreau
5. Wyn

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