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Storms that hit Tennessee Valley cause destruction in East Tennessee

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Severe storms created a nightmare on Elm Street and for John Everett.  Downed trees trapped the 102-year-old man inside his home.
John Everett, Elm Street resident, "I got up and came to the porch and I saw all these trees down but I couldn't get out the door."
Elm Street was one of the hardest hit areas, with several downed trees and power lines.
"My deck is just up like an accordion. It's just the trees squished it up to pieces."
 Across the railroad tracks, the storm crumbled the old city hall.
Luckily, it was abandoned.

"It was very scary because I was seeing the huge limbs flying around. I thought it was going to come through the house."

Bobby Elliott is finding pieces of other homes in his yard on Donaldson Street.
He saw the storm pick up the trees in his front yard.

Bobby Elliott, Donaldson Road resident, ""The one further over there did like three circles in the air like it just stood there and comes straight back, slams straight back down. I was like, did you just see that. I couldn't believe it. It was unbelievably ridiculous."

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