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Strong winds hit McMinn County leaving the fire department without a roof

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 "There are 11 districts in this county, all 11 are out on a call tonight," said Tim Howard, Volunteer Fireman.

It was a busy night for the local fire departments in McMinn County as strong winds blew in and trees tumbled down.

"We heard over the scanner that there was a tree down over the road, so we started to respond to that. They also said there was some tin wrapped on the power lines," said Gary Dake, Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department Chief.

Little did the Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department know, the call they were responding to was their own.

Tin from their two-year-old roof, littered the yard, crumpled like aluminum foil.

"I expected one or two pieces off, wasn't expecting any of ours to be off," said Dake. “When we got up here, the biggest part of the building the roof was off of it."

Across the county in Riceville, residents like Diane Wyatt were sitting on the side of the road waiting for it to be cleared in order to get to their homes.

"So I backed all the way up and then the rescue squad came in," said Wyatt. "I can't wait to get home."

Tim Howard with the Etowah Volunteer Fire Department says calls were flooding in and they'll be out until the job is done.

"That's what it's all about, is taking care of our communities," said Howard.

Although the Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department did suffer damage they said it will not hinder them from making calls for the community.

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