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Tree crashes on top of Bradley County home

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BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Storms caused problems in Bradley County Wednesday.

Downed power lines and trees had crews working in the thick of the storms.

First responders in Cleveland say the storm caused a house fire in the Eagle Creek subdivision around 8:00 Wednesday evening.

Everyone made it out safely and crews contained the blaze quickly. EMS crews checked out a firefighter on scene, he turned out to be okay.

Dispatchers tell Channel 3 high winds snapped several trees throughout the county like toothpicks, some of those even knocking out power.

“It sounded like a tornado or something when it knocked it down to me. It hit real hard,” Donnie Crouch said.

Crouch was at his Buchanan Road home with his grandkids when the storm rolled through.

“I heard a thud, like it was thunder or maybe the tree hit another house,” Crouch’s grandson, Thomas McCann said.

Winds caused the truck to snap and the tree to come crashing down on top of the home completely blocking one of the doors leading to the back yard.

“But then as we were coming out, I noticed the tree was right there, but I was just thankful no one got hurt,” McCann said.

The family didn’t lose power during the storm, but there are live power lines under the tree making removal a dangerous job.

“I’m going to have to find someone to get this tree off my house! I guess I’ll have to find me a tree cutter,” Crouch added.

The tree caused only minor damage to the home which has this family considering themselves lucky.

Emergency responders tell Channel 3 they had enough time to come up with a game plan before this storm hit the Bradley County area.

The extra EMS staff and ambulances stationed throughout the county helped keep any serious injuries from happening.

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