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Roaming animals causing problems in Sale Creek neighborhood

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SALE CREEK, TN (WRCB) - Roaming dogs are causing problems between some residents in one Hamilton County neighborhood.

Duke, the black lab, is a big part of Rosezella Welch's family. People see him in this Sale Creek neighborhood on Slabtown Road.

"He's not a vicious dog, he's a very caring dog," Welch said.

Welch said Duke would walk down the street to visit a family friend who was sick with cancer.

"It was a special way he walked, every day down there and every day coming home," she said.

"When the dogs come around, they all run towards my porch," said Kathy Jacobs, who lives down the street.

"I'm trying to stand up for my property, my rights. Because they're coming in my yard," Jacobs said.

Jacobs claims her cats were attacked on Tuesday morning by the dog in her minivan and two other dogs in the neighborhood. But Welch said her dog wasn't involved in Tuesday morning's attack.

"That's not true because he was in the bed, in the house, with my 9 year old granddaughter, asleep," said Welch.

Director of the Humane Educational Society, Bob Citrullo, said roaming dogs are a common complaint.

"Unfortunately, a lot of times when we get the calls for running at large, by the time we get there the animals have run off," said Citrullo.

Although there are leash laws in most cities, including Chattanooga, there are no leash laws out in the county. However, county ordinance says owners must keep their dogs from "running at large."

"You have to keep control of your animals, so while you do not have to have your animal on a leash, it can
walk next to you, and it can be within calling distance," he said.

To report a problem in your neighborhood call HES at (423) 624-5302.
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