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SPCA Director fired in Bradley County

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CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - After a heated debate Bradley County SPCA Director Bobby Anderson was fired in Monday night's board meeting. 

Board members said Anderson was fired because she did not respond to take an animal in after deputies received a 911 complain call from a resident regarding a pit bull. The dog later bit a man who was treated for stitches.

"There were several documented times of insubordination that just could not be tolerated," said Betti Gravelle, Board Chair and SPCA President. "there were several things that are in our past now we are very glad that's over and we are moving forward."

Commissioner Charlotte Peak-Jones resigned from the board shortly after the meeting. Anderson says she doesn't know the final straw board members are referring to, in a statement to Channel 3 she writes, "My dream job quickly turned into my nightmare..I am speechless and appalled the accusations made last night were shocking. "

Local animal advocate Lindsey Bell who runs the Facebook group Animal Care and Control for Cleveland/ Bradley County, says many believe the firing of Anderson was anything but professional.

It was a circus last night there was no organization no rules or order, people screaming at each other and talking out of order, said Bell. They send animals wherever and whenever and Bobby Anderson was the only person saying, "where are they going... why are they going there and who is in charge of this?'"

With 100 dogs and cats, Gravelle agrees the no-kill shelter is at a capacity. She admits there have been mistakes made on both sides but says they're taking care of the animals.

"The animals are vetted everything is documented and they are going to legitimate rescues," said Gravelle.

With new leadership and a new direction many wonder if it will be enough for the animals who are desperately waiting for their forever homes.

"It's dangerous, it's corrupt, it's immoral. Bradley County does not have an Animal Control they have a half operating shelter. No matter what board members you put in there no matter what director you put in there, this is going to fall apart. It's just a matter of time of how long are you going to wait and how many animals are going to suffer before that happens," said Bell.

Anderson's Statement to Channel 3:

"My dream job quickly turned into my nightmare! I am speechless and appalled! The accusations made last night were shocking! Being insubordinate was hard for me to hear. I have been there day and night to set a foundation that should have been established during the conception period of an SPCA in Bradley County. I feel my termination was railroaded, I feel the board should have heard my side and understood the facts....if I, in any way was responsible for not handling this alleged 911 call correctly then I am truly sorry. Everything I do, I try to do the best of my ability. I just want the best for the animals. I will continue to pray for the animals in Bradley County. I challenge the citizens of Bradley County to make a stand for the animals and demand transparency and accountability for every adopted or rescued animal.

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