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A few more storms with mid-90s just around the corner

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 (WRCB) - Good Tuesday.  It almost seems ridiculous to say, but enjoy this last day of near 90 degree heat and high humidity.  This will be about as nice as it gets for a while.

Today, we will still see a few isolated storms, particularly this morning, followed by a warm and muggy afternoon.  Today's high will reach about 89.

The heat really begins to creep up tomorrow.  Look for a high of 93 with a heat index between 95 and 98.  We could see a few spotty showers or storms through the day, but nothing severe.

Thursday through the weekend we will be stuck in a pattern that will allow temperatures to climb into the mid 90s.  Each day it will reach 95 or 96 degrees, and the heat index will get all the way up to about 100 degrees.  I don't expect much rain, but a stray thunderstorm or two could pop up each afternoon.

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8am... Isolated Storms, 72

Noon... Isolated Storms, 81

5pm... Partly Cloudy / Humid, 89


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