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Dead fish and sewage spill update

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga Public Works and MEI Environmental crews set up aeration equipment on Monday to help restore oxygen levels near the South Chickamauga Creek. 

That's where a sewer pipeline ruptured near the creek bank Friday evening.  Several boats with large nets scooped up remaining dead fish. The overnight rainfall was a big help in filtering polluted water

Chattanooga Public Works tell Channel 3,  this issue should have no impact to people. People who live nearby aren't so believing, especially after road blocks and signs that says "exposure to water may cause a health risk" are in plain sight.

Ruth Thompson with Outdoor Chattanooga worries about water quality and wants the old sewer system fixed.  She says, ‘I want the city to work on the old sewer system.  I know they are trying to but it is expensive.”

The city will now add the broken sewer pipe to its 15 year, $250,000,000 plan to rehabilitate the Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant and other aging infrastructures.  

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