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UPDATE: Mechanical failure causes waste water to be released killing hundreds of fish

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UPDATE:  Officials with Chattanooga Public Works have determined the fish killed in a section of South Chickamauga Creek resulted from the backup and overflow of a sewer pipeline near the creek bank. 

A large wastewater pumping station experienced loss of pump controls causing the backup.  This area of the creek is generally inaccessible by all but very small watercraft due to the shallow depth and low pipeline crossings.

Once the source was corrected on Friday, Public Works began cleaning the effected water.  Aeration equipment is being used to restore the normal oxygen content of the water.  Due to stream currents, the largest area of affected fish is now between Harrison Pike and Amnicola Highway.
No estimate on the amount of fish affected is available yet.



UPDATE: Alex and Paul Widelich cut their paddle boarding trip short after seeing and smelling what was rumored to be floating towards downtown Chattanooga Saturday morning.

The father and son duo say what the passerby told them over a thousand dead fish were found floating towards the Tennessee River.

They were also told, ,a large sewer line that ruptured about 6 miles upstream near the mouth of south Chickamauga Creek was to blame

The very same area were workers were spotted with nets in hand trying to scoop up as many dead fish as possible.

Community members that were in the water when raw sewage may have been discharged who live near the boat ramps are now concerned for their heath and the domino effect this could have on the environment.

Channel 3 received a statement from the City of Chattanooga regarding the fish kill  They say, it has no impact on residents. Public Works and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation are aware of the incident that they say happened Friday evening.


A mechanical failure at a wastewater pumping station is believed to have caused hundreds of fish to die in South Chickamauga Creek.
The city of Chattanooga Public Works says it was alerted by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation around 6:30 Friday night about the fish kill.
The city says the mechanical problem has been corrected and there is no potential impact for residents.
Channel 3 talked with city officials about its response to the situation and we'll much more Saturday night on Eyewitness News at 11.

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