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Combating crime through the internet

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Community members in Chattanooga are heading to the internet in hopes to try and combat crime in their neighborhood. Homeowners who live in Stuart Heights on Lawson Avenue say they've noticed specious activity followed by a rash of break ins - so they decided post online to make others aware.

Christy Tittsworth and her husband noticed the same van drive their street on different days and times. The mother of two says, the strange behavior made her and several other neighbors think twice. She says, “ it scares me that the suspicious individual I saw fits the description of the break-ins. It was enough to make me feel uncomfortable to call police too.”

Chattanooga Police says they cannot connect the man seen driving in their neighborhood to any break-ins.  They are encouraging anyone with information to call their tip line. 

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