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Chattanooga PD to conduct annual audit of officer's drivers licenses

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A months-long investigation by Channel 3 requesting information from the Chattanooga Police Department sparked a change in the Department’s policy and a news release that was issued Friday.

In a special report Monday at 6 and 11 on Channel 3 Eyewitness News, our 3 Investigates team explains what prompted this change in policy for the department.

The Chattanooga Police Department announced a change in their policy, and will now conduct an annual audit of CPD employee driver's license status and check each employee for outstanding warrants.

“It is important we have the correct safeguards in place to hold our department accountable,” said Chief of Police Fred Fletcher. “I am proud my staff was able to not only identify a problem, but we were able to present an equitable solution for the future.”

In a news release issued Friday by the CPD, the safeguards were put into place because an officer was driving on a suspended driver's license.

The suspension was due to issues stemming from child support payments.

The officer was not allowed to operate his police vehicle until the issue was resolved and his driver's license reinstated. He did not receive a citation or any other discipline.

“While it is rare, it is recognized that such instances may occur in a large organization,” said Chief Fletcher.  “It is the intent of this new policy to create a system of accountability that actively seeks to ensure officers comply with law and policy and quickly identifies the rare exceptions when they do not.   When officers fail to comply with law or policy, those deviations will be addressed immediately.”

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