An internal affairs investigation of Cleveland Police Department Lt. Steve Tyson has concluded, and the findings show that he violated several laws and department policies.

Those violations resulted in Tyson's dismissal.

The findings, shared in a news release from the Cleveland Police Department, revealed Tyson violated three Class A policies:

  • Policy 5-A Alcohol, Narcotics and Drugs
  • Subsection 4 (Use of Prescribed or OTC Drugs while on Duty or During Training)
  • Policy 5-A Alcohol, Narcotics and Drugs
  • Subsection 6 (Reporting for Duty or on Duty While Intoxicated)
  • Policy 5-II Unlawful Conduct Offenses, Subsection 1 (Commission of Misdemeanor) which all result in termination of employment.

In accordance with Cleveland Police Department policy, a recommendation for dismissal has been turned over to the City Manager.

Tyson has two working days to appeal the decision.

The findings have been forwarded to the District Attorney's Office to review for criminal charges or order a criminal investigation.

The District Attorney's Office will decided whether or not to pursue criminal charges.