A 41-year-old year man accused of fatally stabbing a man during a fight last month at a housing project site has been arrested.

Wendell "Dooney" Mitchell faces charges of first degree murder and unlawful carrying or possessing of a weapon, according to a Chattanooga police arrest report.

Jeffrey Jackson was stabbed in the left side of his chest July 27 in East Lake Courts near 2525 Sixth Avenue Court.

Witnesses told police that Jackson punched Mitchell in the face because Mitchell was reportedly choking an elderly man. Mitchell and Jackson wrestled on the ground.

Both stood up. Mitchell rode away on his bike. Jackson walked away and then collapsed on the sidewalk, according to another witness.

Hours later police later searched a residence where Mitchell was staying.

Mitchell was found hiding behind a bathroom door inside the residence. Mitchell refused to talk. He had a large laceration over his right eye and what appeared to be dried blood on the bridge of his nose, according to the report.

Mitchell has a lengthy arrest record dating back to 1993, county court records show.

As of Thursday, he remained in custody on a $1,005,000 bond.

His next court date is set for Aug. 19 before Hamilton County Sessions Court Judge Christine Sell.