Investigators are following new leads in a high-profile Chattanooga double murder case. Leads on brothers, Sean and Donny Goetcheus' 1997 cold case had dried up -- until recently.

The man who discovered their bodies spoke only to Channel 3 on Wednesday.

"I probably left 15 messages because he was supposed to have been at work that day," said Rick Davis.

But 25-year-old Sean Goetcheus never showed up to his job at Rick Davis' gold and diamond shop that day on January 9, 1997.

It wasn't until early evening when Davis discovered Sean and his 19-year-old brother, Donny, shot dead -- execution style -- in their Brainerd home.

"I even left some messages on there, like 'What have you done? Have you two killed each other? Are you laid out drunk? What's going on, what's happened? Call me, let me know where you're at'," Davis remembered.

After closing time, Davis, his uncle, and girlfriend at the time drove out to the brothers' house on Rosemont Drive.

"When we went by the house, the lights were on, and the cars were in the driveway... and when we went by the second time, I saw the door open a little bit," he said.

When Davis went inside, he found the brothers dead. Sean was shot near the kitchen doorway. Donny was shot in the bathroom.

The phone was disconnected. The 911 call came from the Comedy Catch down the street.

Investigators believe at least one of the brothers knew their killer. Police followed countless leads over the years -- some focusing on Sean's job at the jewelry shop.

"We went through all kinds of questions," Davis said. "I was told later we were under surveillance for two weeks after it happened, and we had no idea."

But more than 17 years later, the brothers' murders are still unsolved. Although new leads are coming in, police are depending on someone coming forward.

Anyone with information -- regardless of how important you think it is -- should call CrimeStoppers at (423) 698-3333. Tips can remain anonymous.