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UPDATE: Dalton police officer saves choking baby

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Dalton Police Officer Michael Houck. DPD photo Dalton Police Officer Michael Houck. DPD photo
DALTON, GA (WRCB) - A Dalton Police officer is being hailed a hero after saving a baby's life. Officer Michael Houck was on Foster Street, about a half block from the baby's home, when he was told about the 7-month-old in danger. When he reached the mother, she gave over her child, putting her son's life in Officer Houck's hands. 

"My neighbor called me on the phone for me and she said 'Help me please, my baby is choking.'" says Isabel Romero.

Isabel Romero says when she got the call, thankfully Dalton Police Officer Michael Houck was on Foster Street taking a report on a fender bender.

"There was a neighboring lady from up the street who came running down in a frantic manner, kind of hollering and screaming," says Officer Houck.
He ran with her up the street to find the mother holding her 7-month old son.

"I took the baby from her. I could feel that it was limp. It didn't appear to be breathing. It wasn't breathing."

Houck's training took over.

"I immediately put him over on my arm here and have him some taps to the back. After about the third or fourth tap, a piece of carrot fell out of his mouth," says Houck.

The baby gasped for air and started crying. It turns out he was teething, and his mom was letting the boy bite on the carrot.

"Me being there, I guess you could say is the luck of the draw," says Houck.

Isabel and others are quick to call the officer a hero. He says he was just doing his job.

"That's why I became a police officer. So I could help people," says Houck.

The father of the baby says he and his wife are still pretty shaken up by everything that happened. Their son was checked out by a doctor and is expected to be okay.

In Officer Houck's seven years on the Dalton Police force, this is not the first time he has saved a life. He also revived a man who had a massive heart attack a few years ago.

Dalton Police Department officers are trained and re-certified every other year in CPR and life-saving techniques.
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