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UPDATE: Chattanooga Spycam suspect pleads guilty

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Justin Wilson in court Tuesday. WRCBtv.com photo by Dan Kennedy Justin Wilson in court Tuesday. WRCBtv.com photo by Dan Kennedy
CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: The man accused of placing a spy camera in a Chattanooga public restroom pleaded guilty in court Tuesday.

Justin Wilson was arrested in July after a spy cam was found in the men's bathroom of Chattanooga Billiards Club. With Tuesday's guilty plea, Wilson avoids going to jail. The judge sentenced him to one year probation with conditions including orders to stay away from CBC and all Kangaroo gas stations.

PREVIOUS STORY: The man accused of placing a spy camera in a Chattanooga public restroom faced a judge for the first time.

Chattanooga Police say the spy cam recorded video from only one location the Kangaroo gas station on Signal Mountain Road, where Wilson worked. But the spy tool was found in the men's bathroom at the Chattanooga Billiard Club downtown.

Justin Wilson, a Senior Biology student at UTC, said he was very nervous because it was his first time going before a judge Monday. Shortly before the hearing he talked with Channel 3. He admits what he did was not right but he is still determined to convince the public he had "good intentions" by placing the spy camera in the bathroom.

"I did make a mistake. And contrary to popular to belief, I didn't use it for anything perverted, like you said. Like, it didn't even cross my mind, like 'Oh, this is perverted.'"

Justin Wilson is sticking to his story, saying he had good reason to hide a camera in the men's restroom at a Signal Mountain Road gas station, where he used to work. He says wanted to catch whoever was "messing up the bathroom."

Channel 3 asked Wilson if he ever would want a camera on him in a bathroom and he answered, "No. I wouldn't. but at the same time, I wouldn't mess up the bathroom either. But still, definitely not," said Wilson.

Wilson insists he had "good intentions."

"Like, when I did it at the time, the intentions that I had were, I guess, good. But, like, the way I've gone about it is completely wrong," said Wilson.

He says he fully expects to be punished.

"Yes, I did bad, so I should be, like, served justice I suppose. But I hope it's not, like, tremendously life-changing."

He also wants to apologize.

"Actually, I never saw the video. So I don't know who's on it. If you were on it, I'm totally sorry. To make you feel any better, if I had it, it would have never anywhere. It would have been deleted as soon as I saw it, like, 'Oh, they didn't do it. Delete.'"

He is just ready for his life to get back to normal.

"I really really hope I don't go to jail. That would just ruin my life. Like, I'd have to drop out of school. I'd have to quit my work. Probably lose my house, not my house, my apartment. That would suck. I'm hoping everything can just go back to normal and I can just be another person walking down the street." said Wilson.

Wilson is charged with observation without consent which is a class A misdemeanor. He could face up to a year in jail. Wilson says he still does not know how the device ended up at the Billiard Club Downtown. He says he does not even know where the business is located.

The judge pushed his hearing to October 21st to give him more time to hire an attorney.READ MORE UPDATE: Restroom spycam suspect faces judge
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