"Who ever can help the most out, people will vote for," says Marion County's Tyler Mauck. "DesJarlais seems like a good person all in all, he's doing right and has a good head on his shoulders, that's the person I would vote for, honestly."

But for U.S. Congressman Scott Desjarlais, Mauck wasn't the only person we found on Jasper's town square, who didn't vote Thursday and now wishes otherwise.

"He's a very good physician, working here at Jasper Drug I've dealt with him many a time," says Jasper's Alison Rich. She says she voted for Dr. DesJarlais, but surprisingly says she wouldn't mind if he lost his re-election bid, that currently hangs inbalance.

"I'm actually a patient of them so I'd like to keep him as a physician," says Rich amid laughs.

A handful of votes separate DesJarlais from his opponent, Tennessee State Senator Jim Tracy, who both at one point held the slightest of lead over the other Friday morning.

We reached out to Representative DesJarlais for his reaction to the electionbut his campaign declined, citing his most recent cancer treatment as the reason.

We did get the following response from Robert Jameson, communications director for Congressman DesJarlais, which states in part:

"I am truly honored that the folks of the Fourth Congressional District put their faith in my ability to continue to serve. I look forward to focusing on the general election in November."   

Back on Jasper's town square, we found another DesJarlais supporter, who didn't vote and wishes he did.

"I could see a run-off, it's really close but I think DesJarlais is gonna pull it out," predicts Rick Whitt.

UTC Political Scientist Dr. Rick Wilson says a possible recount is unlikely, saying the Republican Party would like choose against calling for a vote recount for a victorious incumbent.

The ultimate winner of the District 4 race will face Democrat Lenda Sherrell of Monteagle in the November general election.

Our repeated inquiries Friday to Jim Tracy's campaign for comment went unanswered.