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Attorney: Ruling likely in TN same-sex marriage case by June 2015

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KNOXVILLE (WBIR) -  (WBIR) - The attorney for two East Tennessee women who are challenging the state's refusal to recognize same-sex marriage says she hopes to have the issue resolved by this time next year.

Thursday, Regina Lambert issued a statement saying--

"The decision will likely come down to Judge Sutton - and his questions did not provide a clear indication of how he will rule. I believe there will be an appeal filed with the US Supreme Court regardless of the ruling. If the Supremes decide to hear one of the cases, oral arguments will be next spring, and we will have a ruling by the end of June 2015."

Lambert represents Knoxville couple Valeria Tanco and Sophy Jesty.

The pair presented their case to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati Wednesday, along with several other same-sex couples from three other states.

Tanco gave birth to the couple's baby girl earlier this year. Jesty is listed on the birth certificate, but a stay from the appellate court cut her rights to the child pending the state's approval.

The couple argues the state's ban on recognition will hurt the life of their child.
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