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UPDATE: Wamp: No plans to run anytime soon

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: Weston Wamp tried unsuccessfully to unseat Congressman Chuck Fleischmann.

This is the second time the two have faced off and the second time Fleischmann has come out on top.

In a close race, Fleischmann won with nearly 51% of the vote. The numbers show just how tight this race really came.

About one percentage point is all that separated the two term incumbent from his challenger.

The fight for the 3rd District seat turned into one of the most watched races on election night.

“There were a lot of people across the country who I think thought we were crazy for thinking you could run in a Republican Primary, talk about the two parties working together, talk about civility, talk about how awesome our country is without talking bad about other people,” Wamp said.

Even though the race didn’t fall in favor of the 27 year old, Wamp was about one percentage point away from unseating Fleischmann.

“Our hope tonight was that our home county would carry us through but in fact, it looks like in some cases we ran the strongest the furthest from here,” Wamp added.

Wamp lost Hamilton County by fewer than 100 votes which came as a surprise after winning it in the 2012 primary.

Some believe Scottie Mayfield’s endorsement helped Fleischmann take the largest county in the district.

“It was a great win here, we won Bradley County, we actually tied in one county in the north. The voters are concerned about the direction America is going in and I’m concerned about the direction America is going in,” Fleischmann said.

Wamp tells Channel 3 he does not have plans to run anytime soon saying “I gave it my all and ran the best race I could. Some parts of the district were ready for new leadership, but not Hamilton County.”

Fleischmann now shifts his focus toward November where he will take on Dr. Mary Headrick from the Democratic ticket.

“I’ve always believed that the best way to get re-elected is to do your job, and it looks like I’ve done that twice and now a third time and I’m very thankful for this win,” Fleischmann said.

Dr. Headrick is a medical doctor out of Crossville. They are no strangers to each other, the pair also faced off in the 2012 General Election.

Fleischmann took nearly 62% of that vote.


Weston Wamp put up quite a fight trying to unseat incumbent Chuck Fleischmann for the second time in a row. Even though it was a tight race, it just wasn't enough.

“No one can say that an Independent candidate without any labels can't win a Republican Primary because we got so dog gone close, that just a few breaks here or there and we probably could have pulled this race out,” Wamp said.

Despite the tight race, the numbers did not fall in favor the 27 year old son of former District 3 Congressman Zach Wamp. Fleischmann pulled ahead by about 1,400 votes.

He thanked a room full of family and supporters at his Chattanooga headquarters Thursday night as his wife Shelby stood tearfully by his side.

“I do want to say thank you, even though I was disappointed with the results in our home county tonight. I'm incredibly grateful to the people and the media in this county because I think they've got guts,” he added.

Wamp won Hamilton County in the 2012 GOP Primary by about 100 votes over incumbent Chuck Fleischmann, but not this time around.

He did snag some northern counties along the Kentucky line, which Wamp mentioned he hit hard during his campaign.

“I've said from the beginning that my generation doesn't have the luxury of being cynical or giving up, and that's why we ran again,” Wamp said.

Wamp's campaign manager told Channel 3 it is unclear if Wamp will run again in the future.


Channel 3 met with Wamp a little bit ago. He says he voted this morning with his wife at Lookout Valley. Then spent most of the day visiting about 15 different polling locations.  

Wamp told Channel 3 it was important for him to thank the volunteers who helped drive his campaign and says he's seen a great response with voters.  

This is the second time Wamp has challenged the congressman for the 3rd district seat and believes he can win this time around.  

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"When you run for office you wake up on the very lastly day with a real gratefulness for all the volunteers on the journey with you and all the people that sat out in 90 degree weather to hold a sign. So I wanted to go by and see a lot of those folks, I've probably got 80 to 90 volunteers just in this county," said Weston Wamp, District 3 Congressional Candidate.

Its important to note in 2012, Wamp won Hamilton County which is the largest county in the district, bringing in about 100 more votes than Fleischmann.  

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