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A Hamilton County Lieutenant on suspension decides to retire

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - A Hamilton County sheriff's lieutenant who was on suspension has decided to retire.
Sheriff Jim Hammond said the retirement of Lt. Rick Hamrick will be effective Sept. 1.
He had been suspended with pay on June 10 pending the outcome of an ongoing internal affairs investigation.
The probe involved the purchase and disposition of food for jurors during trials.
The matter had been referred to the District Attorney's Office for possible criminal action, and an Internal Affairs investigation was also started.
Sheriff Hammond said as of Aug. 1 Lt. Hamrick was no longer on the payroll, but was using his accrued leave time.
Lt. Hamrick supervised the court officers. The sheriff said Capt. Ron Parson will be over the officers. He said existing officers are able to apply for a new corporal position that will be second in command to Capt. Parson over the court officers.
Sheriff Hammond said, "Lt. Hamrick had a long career of about 30 years at the sheriff's office that was exemplary except for this last situation."
Lee Davis, attorney for Lt. Hamrick, had no comment.

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