A Chattanooga man faces charges of attempted murder after a shooting July 13th.

Thirty-one year old Shaniqua Jordan told Chattanooga Police she heard someone knocking the window of her residence on Campbell St. When no one answered her, she went to the window and saw the silhouette of the suspect Jamaal Parker who suddenly started shooting at her.  

She heard 4 or 5 shots and then realized one of the bullets had struck her in the right hip. Parker took off. 

Jordan says Parker is the father of her two youngest children and that they lived together for 9 years before breaking up a year ago. There had been an argument in April where Parker had threatened to kill Jordan.  She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

There were also two other shootings within the city on that Sunday. All three shootings were less than an hour apart. Evidence from the other shootings matched evidence from the shooting on Campbell.

Parker was found later that day on Charbar Circle, but refused to cooperate with police. After getting a search warrant, police found a white vehicle in the garage of the house on Charbar Circle with what appeared to be dried blood stains inside.

The investigation continues.