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Thieves hit multiple storage units at Chattanooga business

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A Chattanooga business owner is determined to track down two thieves who went on a break-in spree at her storage facility. 

It happened in the early morning hours at Bonny Oaks Storage off Bonny Oaks Drive. 

The owner, Autumn Horton, says she is more than frustrated over the break-in. The thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of items. They not only stole from her customers, but also from her as well.

Horton says in the early morning darkness two men were caught on security video going on a shopping spree at no cost to them. They hit one storage unit after another.

"They stole hunting clothes from a unit that was worth $500, where a guy duck hunts. They stole and air compressor and paint supplies for a guy who painted cars," says Horton.

In all, they rummaged through at least 15 units.

"I felt really sick to my stomach," she says.

Security cameras caught the two men drive up to the storage buildings around 4 o'clock in the morning, taking their time as traffic whizzed by on Bonny Oaks Drive.

"They were here for about an hour and half and broke in to almost all of them."

Horton took over her grandfather's storage and Mustang restoration business when he passed away two years ago and running the business is close to her heart.

The thieves even got away with a set of special-order Mustang rims she needed for a job.

"It's not only my stuff that they're taking. They're taking people who actually paid to put their stuff here. They work hard, they can afford to go and put their stuff in a storage unit. And it's just sickening that people steal," says Horton. "I hope somebody will recognize them and at least call and say, 'Hey, I know who it was, this is their name.' And give it to police and hopefully they'll do something."

As for her customers, she says she is doing the best she can.

"I'm very sorry. I'm trying to take every step I can to protect y'all's stuff but we just can't help what people do."

Horton says she plans on installing even more cameras and a system that will alert her when someone is on the property so she can call police right away. She has also notified area pawn shops of the items stolen, to see if they pop up.

If you happen to recognize the two men call police.

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