A possible credit/debit card breach at national restaurant chain P.F.Chang’s is said to now be contained.

When the restaurant group was alerted to the security breach by the United States Secret Service on June 10, an investigation was launched. The compromise was contained by Jun 11, according to a news release.

The security breach first came to light when stolen cards appeared on the same black market online where millions of cards from the Target breach in December were sold, according to NBC News.

Thirty-three locations of the restaurant group’s locations may have been affected, including the Chattanooga location.

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No other locations in the Tennessee Valley were noted on the list posted by P.F. Chang’s. The investigation is still underway.

“We are committed to providing support and resources, including complimentary identity protection services, for all guests that may potentially be affected by the security compromise,” said Rick Federico, P/F. Chang’s CEO.

One measure the company has taken is replacement of the hardware affected by the breach. The company also lists Frequently Asked Questions about the security breach on the website.

P.F. Chang's is also working with several agencies to help customers who may have had their credit/debit card information stolen by offering automatic protection with AllClear Secure for the next year.