UPDATE: Police are now investigating two shootings that have happened in two days, leaving two individuals with wounded legs.

Police say while the shootings were separate, there are a lot of similarities..

Two men are recovering after being shot in the leg.

The first happened off Brainerd Road around 7 pm on Saturday. Officials say the victim, 25-year-old Cordarius Bennett suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg.

Bennett tells police he heard four to six shots and then realized he was wounded.

Fast forward to the early hours of Sunday morning,  another victim named Brandon Steward is shot just 2 miles away.  

"He was walking along Tunnel Boulevard, heard several shots. He began to run and received a shot to his right thigh," said Chief Tracy Arnold, Chattanooga Police Department. 

Assistant Chief Tracy Arnold says both victims are being tight lipped, giving officers little to no information on what happened.

"Both had no suspect information and just heard gun shots," said Arnold.

Which he says is a red flag of possible gang activity.  

"There are two common denominators in gang related activity. Normally they're black males shot in the lower extremities and they usually don't cooperate," said Arnold.

Arnold says residents in the Brainerd area shouldn't be worried about their safety.  

"Up until this point the majority of shootings have been gang on gang shootings pretty much," said Arnold.

When asked if this was the start to another string of shootings like we saw just weeks ago.  

"I hope not. I hope that the good work that the officers are doing out on the street and the violence reduction initiative begins to show it's face a little bit more," said Arnold.

Assistant Chief Arnold says at this time there is no evidence to lead them  to believe the two are related.

Chattanooga police are investigating an early morning shooting that left one man injured, Sunday. Officers said just after midnight, the victim, 26-year-old Brandon Steward, was shot while walking along Tunnel Boulevard. 

The victim told police he was shot twice in the leg as a white colored sedan drove past him. Steward was treated for a non-life threatening injuries at an area hospital. He is listed in stable condition. 

Officials said Steward is refusing to cooperate with police, he also told investigators he did not wish to pursue prosecution. 

Due to the lack of cooperation, police are asking anyone with information regarding this crime to call
(423) 698-2525