A bus-load of soccer fans hit the road early this morning to make it to the Chattanooga Football Club's National Championship game.

The bags are packed and these super fans are ready to hit the road.

They're on their way to New Jersey for the Premier Soccer League National Championship.

It’s a round-trip drive many of them aren't looking forward to.

"24 hours in 36 I think," said Bill Hammontree.

But that drive wasn't going to scare any of them out of cheering on their team.

"The opportunity to see them play in the national tournament, who could pass that up? Even if I do have to be up this early," Said Cheryl Phipps.

"We're excited to have the opportunity to ride in a bus, but if not enough of us would have driven up in vans," said Hammontree.

These hooligans have earned their name though and regardless of the early hours, they were preparing their vocal cords for the game.

"We make sure they can hear us, yeah we definitely make sure they can hear us because a lot of teams don't have the support that the Chattanooga team has," said Hammontree.

Paul Rustand says the community support has been overwhelming since the Chattanooga Football Club started in 2009.

“We started this and we thought, maybe we will have 500 people at a game and the first game we had 1,200 people and then you saw last week we had almost 10,000," said Rustand.    

Rustand says soccer is gaining a larger fan base nation-wide as well, especially since the world cup.

"Statistics are proving it's such a popular sport and it's growing the U.S.," said Rustand. "When the whole world gets excited about something everyone wants to find out what it is."

There will be a watch party at the Tennessee pavilion at 7 p.m.

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There will be a live twitter feed of the game on our twitter page @wrcbsoccer

The game starts at 9:30.

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