In a ruling, a Federal Court Judge in Rome, GA agreed with Hutcheson Medical Center and Regions bank to grant the request for an injunction, effectively stopping the foreclosure efforts of Erlanger Health System against Hutcheson. 

In stopping the foreclosure set for next Tuesday, August 5 the judge held that the public interest in keeping the hospital doors open was “insurmountable.”  

“Hutcheson Medical Center serves 85,000 patients annually and employs 850 local citizens,” stated Farrell Hayes, President and CEO of Hutcheson, “and we are very pleased that the mission of this hospital will continue. We are encouraged by the hospital’s performance as we continue to show substantial and rapid improvement in operations.” Hayes added inpatient volume has increased 30% over the past three months and that oncology volume has doubled under the direction of the hospital’s new management team. Hayes went on to say, “I think it is important to note that these dramatic gains occurred after the management agreement with Erlanger was terminated.” 

Former Governor Roy Barnes and lead legal counsel for Hutcheson said the judge was very aware of the negative impact that would occur with a foreclosure. “I am very pleased that the judge understands the importance of this hospital and the tremendous damage to the community served by HMC that would occur with a foreclosure.”