Running errands is about to get a lot easier for Chattanoogans living on the North Shore. The long-awaited Publix grocery store is just days away from opening. The store is up to code after passing fire inspections, and the beer board approved the sale of alcohol.

"The new Publix--we are excited about!" exclaims Linda Duvoisin.

She lives on Woodland avenue next to the new Publix. She says the store is one reason why she moved to this part of the North Shore.

"We bough the house when we knew it {the Publix} was going in, and that was one of the reasons we thought it would be an attractive neighborhood," adds Duvoisin. She says she's seen the positive impacts of big stores moving into neighborhoods in other parts of the country where's she's lived.

Now groceries are just a short walk from her doorstep.

According to Elizabeth Renshaw, president of the North Shore Merchants Collective, not all area businesses owners were on board at first. They were unsure if the store would fit seamlessly into the community as far as its look and keeping the busy retail area pedestrian-friendly. A North Shore business owner and resident herself, Renshaw says the collective worked closely with the city of Chattanooga to make it a success.

"I think they've done a really good job at trying to make it as appropriate for the community as it possibly could on that piece of property," says Renshaw. She goes on to say that attitudes are turning positive, and nearby businesses are looking forward to developing a good relationship with Publix.

Other North Shore shoppers and residents agree and believe the new business is a good thing overall.

"I guess it's good. Another place to shop for food," says Fernando Vela who lives on the North Shore.

"Can't wait until Wednesday!" says Alizia Worsham, a regular North Shore shopper.

The "fly in the ointment" of most concern is potential traffic problems on the many narrow streets surrounding the store.

"To handle the kind of traffic of trucks delivering, it might be a problem," says Duvoisin.

"That's going to be a problem, because it's kind of tight right there," says Worsham, chuckling. "But I think it'll be okay."

Most people seem to be willing to deal with this possible issue, taking the change all in stride.

"There's mixed feelings about it, but I think the overall feeling is positive," says Renshaw.

The new Publix open Wednesday, August 6, and is located on North Market Street about a block north of the
post office. It's flanked by Woodland Avenue to the east, East Kent Street to the south, and
East Manning Street to the north.