Chattanooga Police have charged 24-year-old Andrew Hammonds with criminal impersonation of a license professional.

Hammonds Black Ford Explorer was sitting on the side of the road when a Chattanooga Police officer approached his car asking how long he had been sitting there.

Investigators tell Channel 3 that Hammonds told the officer he was has having car trouble.

Hammonds also told the officer he was going to the police academy for the sheriff's office, but did not know exactly where. 

After searching the vehicle, the officer found a toggle switch under the dash that made "blue lights" come on as well as a cord that he was able to plug into remote that activated sirens. 

The officer also found police decals, thin blue line plates, BB gun and a holster.

Hammonds was arrest and charged with criminal impersonation of a license professional and unlawful possession of blue lights.

Hammonds next court date is August 13.