By Eun Kyung Kim, TODAY

(NBC News) - Tina Cleveland and her fiancé love to sing-along to their favorite tunes without uttering a single word. Instead, the couple use sign language to help them rock out.

“Our road trips are anything but normal,” Cleveland wrote in the caption of a video she posted on Facebook of the couple singing along to “You’re the One That I Want” from the “Grease” soundtrack.

In the video, Cleveland and fiancé, Paul Sirimarco, take turns signing while he's driving, but the two join together for the “woo hoo hoo" chorus.

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The video has been shared more than 73,000 times, prompting Cleveland to post another note thanking her friends for spreading the joy.

“The comments that really hit home with me are from the Deaf community. Being able to share music through sign language (and dance ) is honestly what my little heart lives for,” she said. “Also, hearing people saying they want to learn ASL is sooooo awesome! Do it!!!”