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Cleveland widow loses everything to fire

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CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - Friends of a Cleveland woman are trying to rally support after her home burned down. The recent widow didn't have insurance and everything she owns is gone.      

Flames took over her trailer home early Sunday morning on Rodney Drive in Cleveland. Vicki Lee and her son got out with only the clothes on their backs. Friends hope the community will offer the immediate help they need.

"I could be dead me and him both," fire victim Vicki Lee said.

There's not much left standing of the trailer Vicki and her 14-year-old son called home. Up late playing video games, he spotted flames on the porch, woke her up and they got out just before the fire spread.

"That's just so fast it went down," she said.

They did not buy insurance.

"Oh it broke my heart because Vicki has already been through a great deal," friend Glenda Watson said.

Friends say it's been one thing after the other for Vicki. The cancer survivor has lost several family members over the last few months, including her husband just before their 25th anniversary.

"What I thought of first is the memories. My husband's pictures," Vicki said.

Also among the ashes, momentos of her son who was killed in the late 90's.

"Then my son that was murdered. All his pictures, scrapbooks and all those pictures when he was little. Everything is gone," she said.

The Red Cross put her up in a motel the last few nights, helped get her medicine and are monitoring her health. Volunteers and those who know her personally are in awe of her strength.

"Can you imagine walking in her shoes right now? I can't imagine that," Watson said.

They're collecting donations for her and her son at Village Tire Company at 232 3rd St. Cleveland, TN. They're collecting money, clothes, household items. Again, they're starting over from scratch.

"If it wasn't for God there's not anyway I could make it. People say you're a strong woman, but it's the Lord carrying me," Vicki said.

Vicki and her son are temporarily moving in with her cousin while they figure out a long-term solution so she also needs a place to store any furniture or larger items being donated.

Clothing sizes needed for Vicki and her 14-year-old son are as follows:

Shirt: 14/16 medium
Pants: 16
Shoes: 11
Underwear: 14/16

Underwear: 9
Bra: 44
Shirt: 20/22
Pants: 18/20

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