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Hyundai recalls 888,700 Sonata sedans

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(NBC News) - Hyundai is recalling 883,000 of its 2011-2014 Sonata sedans because of a faulty shift cable, and it issued a second recall on its 2015 Sonata and ordered drivers to park the newly introduced sedan due to a problem with its brakes.

In the 2011-2014 sedans, the shift cable may disconnect, allowing the car to roll away after parking or preventing it from being shifted out of park. The maker received nearly 1,200 warranty claims due to the problem.

Dealers will inspect the cable and repair the connection between the shift cable and shift lever at no cost to the owner.

The South Korean automaker also is recalling 5,700 Sonatas built from April 25 to June 16 due to a manufacturing error that may cause either or both of the front brake calipers to fracture, making it more difficult to stop the car. The fix requires replacement of the faulty brake calipers.

Hyundai recalled the 2015 Sonata last month for a faulty wiring harness that could limit the effectiveness of the power steering. The moves come as Consumer Reports is pressuring Toyota to recall 178,000 Camrys.

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