(KVOA)  Animal lovers in Tucson, Arizona are rallying to save the life of a stray puppy with major medical problems. The little dog had little hope of surviving but thanks to a caring community he's getting a second chance at life.

Lt. Dan was named after a character in the movie "Forest Gump".   He's just 3-and-half months old and his back legs are paralyzed. Veterinarians say there is a separation in his spine.

According to Alex Norman, a volunteer intern at the Pima Animal Care Center, Dan's injury may have been caused by someone pulling his tail too hard.

HOW TO HELP | Lt. Dan’s GoFundMe

"Puppies are super fragile and delicate when they're young, so it's really just an accident," Norman says.

Lt. Dan gets around pretty well despite his condition, but he needs surgery which could cost more than four thousand dollars. Alex has set up a go fund page on the internet and the community has already pledged nearly three thousand dollars.

There is no guarantee that surgery will restore Lt. Dan's ability to walk normally, but Dr. Tara Ehling of the Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency center said many dogs do just fine in a wheelchair.

"They still have two very functional legs so if you can support their rear end they'll just walk where ever they want to go," said Dr. Ehling.

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