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Woman says proposed sound ordinance will hurt small businesses

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - City Council members heard from people on both sides of the proposed sound ordinance Tuesday.

Some citizens and business owners want some things clarified in the new ordinance while others are asking for the entertainment district to be expanded.

“We were never above the decibels, but we were basically being harassed even though we were staying within the current boundaries,” Chris Sorenson with The Camp House said.

“Multiple times we were never ever fined because we weren’t actually breaking the current noise ordinance as it stood,” another supporter said.

The new ordinance increases decibel levels and includes bass levels. It also creates an entertainment district.

But one woman we talked to says it will hurt small business owners, including herself.

“I have tried to give input on numerous occasions and my city council person won’t even return my call. And we’re a venue that’s very much impacted,” Alison Morris said.

Morris and her husband invested in Chattanooga’s southside when they bought and renovated the Church on Main Street.

It is now host to community events, weddings, receptions and church on Sunday’s.

“We’ve had great support from 99% of the neighbors, but we have been harassed by one. And as a result of that, I was glad to hear some of the other venue owners expressing that,” she added.

Her church isn’t included in the entertainment district and says the new ordinance isn’t fair to other venues in the area.

“Let’s negotiate something that works for the city instead of just protecting those people that are powerful and have the ability to have their voice heard and can get into the entertainment district,” she said.

The ordinance will have its first reading before City Council on August 5th.

It will have a 30 day implementation period and a review after one year.

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