A high-tech shoe company out of San Diego is packing up shop in the golden state and moving to Chattanooga to grow with the gig city.

That company, Feetz is just another success story for the Co-Lab here in the scenic city.

This footwear isn't what you would typically see inside a shoe store.  Made by a 3-D printer the shoes are designed to be the perfect fit.

The idea came to Lucy Beard 9-months ago when she couldn't find shoes that fit properly, so she decided to make her own.

"I found that a lot of people had that problem, I have diabetic feet, or my feet are too wide, this is a much bigger business," said Beard.

She teamed up with Co-Lab in Chattanooga who helped teach and refine her knowledge to build her brand.

"We wanted to come to a place that really supported entrepreneurs but also understood manufacturing, but with a twist," said Beard.

She says the resources in Chattanooga were just what they needed and now they don't plan to leave.

"You guys have invested in the gigabit network and you have a history in manufacturing so by merging those two together you have a whole new type of industry coming together and Feetz is an example of that," said Beard.

Tia Capps with the Co-Lab says this is only the beginning for the city, with other groups expressing interest in moving to the scenic city to stay.


"It's always exciting that after you put in so much time and energy and building with them to make them successful and hear that they're going to join the family," said Capps.

Beard says she couldn't imagine taking her business anywhere else and looks forward to watching it grow.

"A really good team environment, people that really want to help entrepreneurs and it's not just about them; so they want this to be a lasting eco-system," said Beard.

"This is only the beginning, Chattanooga offers so many amenities and necessities that other cities don't," said Capps.

Feetz is doing pre-orders for their shoes and they're currently hiring, for more information, click here.