It all started Sunday night near
the home of Jerry McCreary.

“It absolutely took everything.”
McCreary lives along Doaks Creek Road in Campbell County. 

After surveying the spot, the National Weather Service says the damage showed the force of an EF-1 tornado.

McCreary made it through the night in a semi truck cabin, parked on his property.

“The truck swayed back and forth like this.”

And it took everything, shortly after he debated putting a cabin on his property.

Anthony Cavalucci is one of the meteorologists looking into the tornado that tore through a number of homes.

He says it looks like the tornado made its way from Campbell through Claiborne, and possibly into Union County.

It picked up strength as it moved, hitting Claiborne County, and creating EF-3 tornado damage.

“It was 600 yards wide at the very start of it, and it was about 800 yards wide at the biggest point. Right there where that EF 3 damage took place.”

There have been only seven tornados in July since 1883, m
aking this storm irregular.

“I will say that July isn’t typical for us to get tornados. This was very unusual late summer tornado activity.”

A surprise storm, but everyone was prepared. 

“What’s really fantastic to see is that there were no deaths or injuries from this event. That has been awesome.”

As for McCreary, he says he will find a way to use all of his newly found lumber.

Maybe for a warm fire, or for the cabin he hoped to build.