The Rhea County Sheriff’s Office tells Channel 3, scammers are calling citizens telling them they missed jury duty. 

Scammers then tell their victim they can avoid criminal prosecution if they pay a fee. 

If the victim says their address has changed, scammers  tell her it’s a criminal offense not to keep a current address on file with the county. 

If the victim  isn’t home when the scammers call, they leave a voice mail message. When victims return the call, the “Rhea County Sheriff” pops up on caller ID and the scammers answer the phone with “Sheriff’s Office”.

Also the scammers are  frequently changing their phone number to make it harder to catch them.  

The Rhea County Sheriff's Office tells Channel 3 that they’ve had several elderly people fall victim to this. 

The sheriff's office also tells Channel 3 that no one is in trouble for missing jury duty in Rhea County and they will not call or extort you. 

 If you should happen to miss jury duty you should call the Rhea County Clerk's Office.