Chattanooga Police are investigating the 20th homicide on city streets this year, marking more homicides so far in 2014, than all of last year. The latest happened early Sunday morning at East Lake Courts. Chattanooga Police say 23-year-old Jeffrey Jackson was stabbed to death. No arrests have been made.

This homicide happened just feet away from where an 18-year-old was gunned down just three weeks ago. Residents of east lake courts say the sound of sirens and sight of blood is becoming too common just outside of their front doors.

"I opened the door and I just see blood on my porch," the victim's friend who goes by New New, said.

A gruesome trail shows neighbors Jeffrey Jackson, better known as "Hotdog" went door to door for help, only most were asleep.

"Just know he was trying to get in to get some help or to get away from whoever was after him," New New said.

Emergency responders got there just before 3 o'clock Sunday morning. The 23-year-old later died in the hospital from stab wounds.

"I didn't hear you. I wish I heard you. I didn't hear no commotion or anything," she said.

His friends are making a memorial. They say he was well-known in the community for doing tattoos, loving music, and smiling.

"He was an outgoing person. Loved very quickly," Latoya Holloman said.

"He was welcome in everybody's home. That's how nice he was," Neika McClendon said.

Those close to him say it's a helpless feeling losing one friend after the other to violence.

"I just break down. I wish it would just stop. When is it going to stop," McClendon said.

"I've known the last four or five. I've been to all these funerals. I'm tired of them myself. We got to do something about this. This can't keep going on," Norman Williams said.

Some think adding jobs to the area would make a difference. Others say it's a matter of convincing peers that violence is not helping any of them.  

"I don't want my nieces, nephews, kids none of that to even come up around what I had to come up through," Williams said.

"We've become numb to what's going on so now when something happens, it's 'oh, you're in East Lake,'" Holloman said.

They say until more start caring, they'll keep suffering these heartbreaks.

"I'll never forget you. I'll never forget how we had fun," New New said.

Anyone with information on Jackson's death is asked to call Chattanooga Police at 423-698-252.