A Tennessee Bureau of Investigation report is bolstering the state’s case against a former Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputy accused of repeatedly raping a girl over a two-year period.

Dennis Mills Jr., 43, faces trial in February in Knox County Criminal Court on charges that include two counts of child rape for the alleged sexual abuse of the girl from March 2012 to March 2013 when the girl was 12. He is charged with statutory rape by an authority figure for alleged rapes from March 2013 to March 3, 2014, while the girl was 13.

A report from the TBI’s serology laboratory shows testing of a pair of men’s underwear seized from Mills’ Powell home in March revealed the presence of DNA from both Mills and the girl. The report states the probability of the DNA sample belonging to anyone other than the girl is “one in a number greater than the current world population.”

The girl’s DNA was also found on a condom wrapper found in a Food City grocery bag in the trash at the home, according to the report.

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