Four men are behind bars after a late night shooting at a gas station left two men injured.

It happened on Decatur Pike in Athens around midnight on Saturday morning. 

What started out as a quiet night quickly turned violent at the Applebee's in Athens when two rival biker gangs came head to head in the middle of the restaurant.

Police say members of the Heathens Motorcycle Club were in the establishment eating when the Outlaw Motorcycle Club came in and attacked, causing a scene and damage to the restaurant.

While no shots were fired at Applebee's, that wasn't the last time either group pulled out weapons.

Police say around midnight on Saturday morning the Outlaw group was spotted once again. But this time at the Kangaroo Gas Station, just right down the street from their first encounter with the Heathens.

Police say as the Outlaws pulled in, the Heathens weren't far behind.  

As they stopped near pump number 1, the Heathen's car doors opened and they began to shoot.

Police say the Outlaws retaliated, the gunshots ended with two people in the hospital.

Patrick Petty, Jarod Grant, Robert Wood, Thomas Ingle, Jr. and Jerry Henry were all arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder after two were shot.

Both bikers who were shot were transported to the hospital..  

The condition of those injured has not been released at this time.

The Heathens group is located in Tennessee, not to be confused with the group in Georgia.

Two members of a biker club in Athens were taken to the hospital early Saturday morning after an apparent shoot out with a rival biker club. 

Athens Police tell Channel 3 a large fight between members of the Widowmaker/Outlaw Biker Club and Heathens/Nomad Biker Club broke out at an Applebee's in Athens just before midnight Friday. 

Later officers responded to a shots fired call at a nearby Kangaroo Convenience Store. 

Witnesses told officers members of the Outlaws club had pulled into the station, they were followed by a Chevy Tahoe carrying members of the Heathens club who opened fire. Steven Kirkland returned fire but was shot, along with Patrick Petty, the two suffered non life threatening injuries. 

The suspects were apprehended a short time later and charged with attempted first degree murder. 

Channel 3 has a crew on the scene and will have more information when it becomes available. 

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