GRAYSVILLE, TN. --(WRCB)-- Jason Erik Redden was back on the job today as the Chief of Police of Graysville, Tennessee.

Redden, who currently faces 10 counts of official misconduct including theft, has had a tumultuous reign within the last year as the city's top cop.

He's been suspended, reinstated, fired, and now rehired.

And while some city officials lack faith in Chief Redden, you may be surprised at the level of support he has within Graysville.

" I am not surprised they done it, in any other town, no they wouldn't have, he'd still be on the street. But, they put him back to work."

Graysville city councilman Charles Kaylor says he voted against rehiring Erik Redden as the city's chief of police, but lost by a 3 to 2 vote Thursday night in a specially called city council meeting.

" I protested Mr. Beene's vote because Erik Redden rents from Mr. Beene," explains Kaylor. " According to ethics law, that's personal gain, he said he didn't care, he was voting any way."

Redden has been a lightning rod of controversy, even before last month's 10 count indictment from the T-B-I accusing him of stealing more than 41 hundred dollars of department funds, and reputed videotape evidence of Redden removing items from cars seized by the Graysville P.D.

Today at the department, Chief Redden allegedly had an hours long meeting that prevented him from talking to us about his reinstatement.

Erik Redden's return as chief of police here at the Graysville Police Department isn't the only changing of the guard internally. In fact, former interim police chief Lt. Brian Crowe resigned today in light of the city council's action Thursday night. At the advice of his attorney, he declined to say anything more.

" My thoughts are they reinstated the right man."

Amber Smith is like the dozen of Graysville residents we spoke to who support the embattled chief, but she was the only one willing to share her opinion on camera.

" I do agree there, it doesn't look good for other people that don't know him on the level that I do, but what they would have to look at is how safe was the city when he was police chief," said Smith.

Commissioner Kaylor says for outsiders looking into Graysville's police troubles, he asks only one thing.                                                                         "Pray for them, just pray for the town and the leaders," said Kaylor.                                                                                                                                      Our efforts to contact the three city councilors who voted for Redden's rehiring were unsuccessful.

Redden is due back in court August 13th, he's currently free on a 15 thousand dollar bond.