Roaches are invading the homes of some residents in a Hixson trailer park. Neighbors are complaining -- saying the roaches keep multiplying, but not enough is being done to fix the problem.

The Riverglen Community property manager has been made aware of the issue. But according to attorneys specializing in landlord and tenant laws, legally, the company is doing everything they're required to do by spraying the trailers once a month.

"The roaches in the evenings will come out at night, and they're all over the trailer," said resident Deborah Barnette. "They're coming across my grass and my sidewalk, all up on my trailer. You can't walk on my deck. You can't sit on my deck."

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You can't go inside Barnette's home without seeing roaches. She cleans her house constantly, but roaches cover the counters, cupboards and crawl across ceilings.
"Prisoner in my own home, basically," Barnette said.
It's been this way for several months now. Barnette said the problem started next door, where trash was scattered everywhere. No one lives there now, except the roaches.
"You have to walk in my house and arm yourself with a fly swatter," Barnette said, frustrated.
The property owner kicked the previous tenants out last month. Channel 3 obtained a copy of the notice. It listed several violations and unsanitary conditions, including dog feces, maggots and a "massive cockroach infestation which has affected other homes."

Barnette said the property manager offered to spray her trailer once a month.
"They still haven't completely got rid of the problem," she said.
"It's just bad. They're all over our floors and stuff. It's horrible," said Sarah O'Neal, who lives on the other side of the vacant trailer.

"We've got bugs crawling all over our dishes. We have to wash our dishes a lot more," said O'Neal.
Channel 3 visited the leasing office, but no one was there. When we went to the property manager's home, there was
no answer, and someone locked the door.
"It'll be just a monthly thing. If i want more done, then I have to get that done on my own, and pay for it myself," Barnette said.
After the last spray, the roaches came right back. It's frustrating, she said, being stuck with a problem that she didn't start.
"I have never ever had bugs, and my bug man can vouch for that," said Barnette. "The first five years I lived here, I had him out here twice for ants. That's all."

Tennessee has a consumer hotline to help with landlord and tenant issues: (615) 741-4737.