Chattanooga’s EPB has filed a petition with the FCC to allow expansion into neighboring communities.

EPB’s gigabit service is widely considered some of the fastest internet access in the United States, and has been mentioned often in trade journals as well as newspapers such as the New York Times.

The service has spawned other businesses and entrepreneurs to determine creative uses for the internet access.

EPB said in a news release that they have received numerous requests for expansion, and will only move to provide that access in communities that make such a request.

Beside high-speed Internet access, EPB also offers voice and cable TV capabilities.

EPB currently delivers power to a 600 square mile service area, but says that just outside of their main internet access region (primarily Hamilton County) there is little or no connectivity.

Under current Tennessee law, EPB is authorized to provide telephone services anywhere in the state, which would be provided using a fiber optic communications system. However, a territorial restriction prohibits EPB from using the same fiber optic communications network to provide advanced services such as high-speed Internet outside of its electric power service territory, according to an EPB news release.