A Chattanooga woman celebrated her 104th birthday on Wednesday. Selma Vonnoh said that 104 doesn't feel much different than 103, but she does have several secrets for living a long and happy life.

When Selma Vonnoh was asked how it felt to be 104, her son, Carl, had to repeat the question loudly.

"Mom! She asked, how does it feel to be 104?" Carl said, directly into his mother's ear.

"Oh!" said Selma, hearing the question the second time. "I don't feel any different. God's been good to me."

At 104 years old, Selma might be a little hard of hearing. But she isn't shy when telling someone how blessed she is. She's a stroke survivor. Friends and family will tell you she's a feisty one.

Her main secret, she says, is a clean conscience. Always do the right thing, said Selma.

"If you're wrong, say I'm sorry," she said.

Born on July 23, 1910, she's the oldest resident at Standifer Place. Her family says they're lucky.

"It's certainly a privilege to have her around," Carl said. "We've been blessed."

Carl helped throw a birthday party with family on Tuesday. He said his mom has taught him a lot -- especially character, discipline and hard work.

For this big birthday, Selma has three birthday wishes. Number one: a new house. Number two: a honey.

"She's been chasing this gentleman up and down the hallway for the longest time," said Carl. "But I told her, 'Mom, I can't push but one wheelchair at a time!'"

"Thirdly, she wants a new set of teeth," Carl laughed. "She's had two sets already, but somehow they get misplaced."

He said his mom has a good attitude and an even stronger work ethic -- a life lesson more than three generations get to see.

"I've lived long enough to know I don't know everything," said Selma, "but I thank God for all that I do know."