UPDATE: Justin Wilson appeared before Judge Lila Statom Monday without an attorney present.

Wilson is facing a charge of observation without consent for a spycam that was hidden in a public restroom. He could face up to one year in jail.

Wilson's hearing has been re-scheduled for October 21.

UPDATE: Chattanooga Police have identified a suspect in the case of a hidden 'spy cam' placed in the men's restroom at the Chattanooga Billiard Club downtown. The device was also placed in other area restrooms.

Investigators recognized part of the footage taken from an area Kangaroo gas station. The manager at the gas station helped police in identifying 21-year-old Justin Jamar Wilson.

Wilson has been charged with observation without consent and was booked in the Hamilton County Jail.

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PREVIOUS STORY:  The Chattanooga Police Department has yet to publicly identify the suspect wanted for allegedly planting a spy camera in public restrooms. 

Sunday, a male patron of downtown's Chattanooga Billiard Club came forward and gave police a pen shaped spy camera he claims to have found, hidden in the men's room. The camera reportedly contained multiple images of men, and in one instance, a child using the restroom.  Police have yet to release an image of the camera's purported owner, who was allegedly caught on tape as he positioned the camera in the public bathrooms.

"There are two statutes I think that cover this conduct, one is unlawful photographing, violating an individual's right to privacy and the other isobservation of an individual without their consent, both are class a misdemeanors," explains local attorney Stevie Phillips of Davis & Hoss PC. "However, if those photographs are disseminated then that conduct could be charged as a class E felony."   

Late Wednesday, Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher tells WRCB that the department's tech support staff is trying to recover images from the pen's memory stick.