CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The City of Chattanooga is mailing out speeding tickets by the thousands. It's been four months since the city installed cameras around town. It's a move that sparked a lot of debate among local drivers.

They're on Germantown Road, Norcross Road and Mountain Creek Road. Folks living on these streets say they're already noticing a difference.

"I have not seen an accident since the cameras have been put up," Norcross Road resident Jeanette Liles said.

Jeanette Liles has had a front row seat to the traffic problems on Norcross Road for the last 49 years.

"I've seen a lot of bad things happen, deaths, and it's dangerous for us people right here on this curve," Liles said.

The city installed cameras on roads with accidents rates two and a half times the state average and 70-percent of drivers speeding.

"A lot of people still come off the hill very fast and as soon as they get down almost to the camera and they hit their brakes," Liles said.

In the first four months of photo enforcement $50 tickets have shown up in thousands of mailboxes. 220 were to speeders on Mountain Creek Road, 2,138 from Norcross Road, and far and away the most, from Germantown Road, with 17,549 tickets issued so far.

"With these cameras being out here, I've slowed down definitely," Joey Miller said.

Joey Miller lives off Germantown Road. He's noticed a lot more people sticking to the 30 mile per hour speed limit, but like many, says he'd rather be pulled over by an officer.

"Your rights in a way are a little violated in that you get ticketed without knowing it," Miller said.

Signs do warn people a speed camera may catch them. Many admit it seems to be making the roads safer.

"But as far as controlling the situation, I think it's done that," Miller said.

"Of course, we've all had to get used to it, but it has helped," Liles said.

Some residents say they even hope the city installs more cameras.