A Chattanooga man says someone has been using a 'spy camera' to secretly record people, even children, in public bathrooms. The man says as soon as he found the recording device and discovered the footage, he turned it over to police.

"It could be happening anywhere. And this guy's still out there," says Josh Neelands.

Neelands says his friend did not think much of a black pen when he found it in the men's bathroom last week at the Chattanooga Billiard Club downtown but when he took a closer look, he realized it was a 'spy cam.'

"There's a tiny little lens on it. You would never have suspected it."

As a web designer, Neelands was interested by the electronic device and out of curiosity, plugged its memory card into his computer. He found multiple folders with multiple videos from different locations.

"I opened one of them up and knew exactly what it was right away and it all clicked to me because my friend said he had found it in the bathroom," says Neelands.

He discovered five to six 30 minute clips from various public bathrooms.

"In most of the shots, it was up and angled down towards either a urinal or a toilet," says Neelands.

He says he was especially disturbed when he saw there were children on the videos.

"I immediately was disgusted once I saw that there was children and adults mixed in," he says. "I just knew I couldn't have it in my possession any longer. It's filthy, you know?"

Neelands called police and turned over the device. He says he is confident the 'Creeping Tom' will be caught because every video starts the exact same way.

"It starts off with a young African American male, maybe 20 to 30, somewhere around there. Lightly bearded, you know, scruff. And glasses and a short hair cut. And at the start of each video you can see him setting it up, perching it, positioning it at the right angle."

Channel 3 requested a still screen picture of the man accused of setting up the camera, captured in the footage. Police acknowledge they are looking into the case but have not released the requested photo.

We also spoke with a manager at the Billiard Club, who Neelands says is just as much a victim in this case. She did not want to comment but did say she hopes police catch the man soon.

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