A Chattanooga family is mourning the loss of a young mother hit and killed by a car. It happened around 4 o'clock Saturday on East 23rd Street in front of the Burger King.

Twenty-four-year-old Ashley Ward was a mother of two. Her fiance says she was working hard to help support her family and was getting off work when this accident happened.

A small memorial sits at the side of the road where the accident happened.

"It's hurtful. It's hurtful, man. It's eating me alive right now. Every day i'm thinking about her," says Ashley Ward's fiance, Ceriyan Ross.

Ross says he remembers the last words he heard from his fiancee, before she left for work.

"She told me 'I love you. I love you too.' And she left off, gave me a kiss, gave her daughter a kiss and she left."

Ross says while sitting at home, waiting on Ashley to walk in the door, his phone rang.

"Her boss man called and told me on my phone, called me on the phone and said, 'Ashley got hit by a car.'"

Ashley had just left work at the Burger King on East 23rd and was crossing the middle of the street to walk home. She made it halfway across the road, when Ross says someone called for her and she turned to walk back.

Ward's father said his daughter did not turn around  and walk back. 

"The car came out of no where," says Ross.

He says he felt helpless at the scene.

"Came down here and they were giving her CPR and putting her in an ambulance," he says.

Ashley passed away at the hospital. Ross says her loss gave the gift of life to others because Ashley was an organ donor.

"She had a good heart. She had a strong heart," says Ross.

Now the hardest part is looking into the eyes of their young children, a 3 week old son and their daughter, who turned four the day of the accident.

"She asked me where her mom's at, and I didn't want to get into the details of it."

He says he is trying to stay strong.

"If I could get any type of help, you know what I'm saying, to come up with the money for the funeral, that would be awesome."

And he is relying on his faith to get him through.

"I know God's looking down on me. I know she's looking down on me."

Police say the collision was unavoidable and the driver of the car immediately stopped to try and help Ashley.

No charges have been filed at this time but police stress this is still an open investigation.